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Who We Are


Keshawin is a new venture of the Welset Group Promoted by Mr. Arvind Mehta Chairman & Managing Director of Welset Plast Extrusions Private Limited with Ms. Keshavi Mehta Director of Welset.

Welset Plast Extrusions Private Limited., is a 55-year-old company founded in 1968. The company is rated as one of the leading manufacturers of additives and color, black & white masterbatches with more than 5000+ colors. The Manufacturing Unit is at Silvassa. It exports 40% of its Masterbatches globally.

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Our Vision

Keshawin Bio-polymers Pvt Ltd is set to revolutionize the industry by producing Bio Polymer Compound in collaboration with the esteemed German company. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Silvassa is equipped with the latest machinery, ensuring a capacity of 100 MT per month.

What is PBS?

PBS Compound stands for Polybutylene Succinate, a biodegradable polyester resin. Derived from renewable resources, PBS is known for its biodegradability in soil and composting conditions. It serves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics, particularly in the creation of biodegradable films, bags, and single-use plastic alternatives.

How is PBS Created?

By harnessing locally sourced vegetable residues, we transform them into a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our biodegradable plastics are available at short notice, and we welcome customization to meet unique requirements or create custom polymers.


Keshawin BioCelain® is our expanding line of bio-based, biodegradable plastic products.

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Why Choose Keshawin

Eco-Friendly Composition

Our products are made from fermented scratch and sugar. Colored with natural, health-safe mineral dyes.


The material is colored with natural mineral dyes, ensuring health-safe and sustainable color options.


Keshawin BioCelain® by A Series is made from fermented starch and sugar, providing an eco-friendly foundation.


Keshawin BioCelain® A Series is 100% recyclable. At the end of its product lifespan, it can be granulated and reintroduced into the manufacturing process to create new items, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Versatile Applications

This sustainable material is suitable for a wide range of products across various industries. It finds applications in the medical sector, households, automobile and apparatus construction, and the packaging industry.

Processing Flexibility

Keshawin BioCelain® A Series can be processed using a wide range of methods, from injection molding to extrusion, blow molding, and even 3D printing, depending on the specification.

Energy Efficiency

The sheet is exceptionally energy-saving and eco-friendly. When processed using the DCIM direct compounding process, it consumes up to 50% less energy (around 500 Wh) per kilogram of material compared to conventional plastics processing.


In biologically active, moist environments, Keshawin BioCelain® A Series can naturally degrade within months, much like untreated wood or bamboo. This makes it an excellent choice for reducing environmental impacts


It boasts the quality and feel of porcelain. Additionally, it offers excellent heat-insulating properties, making it a versatile and eco-conscious choice for various applications. Not only is it dishwasher-safe, but it also increases the durability of products like toothbrushes.

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